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Two young kids playing piano

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In print, a grace note indicates some type of ornamentation. It is printed much smaller than a regular note, sometimes with a slash through the note stem, and is most often attached to a regular note. Its significance is symbolic to my studio in two ways: First, learning music is never just about the notes. It is about appreciating musical aesthetics and creating a beautiful work of art. Grace notes are truly beautiful. Second, I like to think that a teacher and student have a symbiotic relationship: at first the teacher is the grace note, adding inspiration and embellishment to the beginner’s work, until eventually, the teacher remains in the background, while the student becomes the grace note, infusing his or her own personality and finesse into their art.



Behind the Name

Vintage music score handwritten by Chopin. Illustrates a Gracenote in use.

see the

     grace note?