Gracenote Music Studio - Niagara Piano Lessons
Two young kids playing piano

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The first lesson is a complimentary meet and greet. It is an opportunity for us to meet and make sure your child and I are a good fit!


Lessons are once per week and follow the same schedule as the school calendar.

Each half hour is $20, and lessons are payable monthly on the first lesson of the month.

i.e., if there are four Tuesdays in a month, lessons would be $80 per month.


For advanced students, 45-minute timeslots are $30; one hour timeslots are $40,



To succeed in any lessons for any instrument, an instrument is needed at home. For the first few months of practise, a small keyboard or electronic piano is acceptable. Eventually, students must practice on an acoustic piano, tuned and maintained at least once a year. It must have 88 keys and be touch sensitive. I am more than happy to help you pick out a piano in your price range.



Each grade level requires the purchase of several books, and therefore you will need to budget from $20-$50 per year. I have an assortment of materials that I will use to assess which books and learning series would best suit your child so that you don’t have to purchase any unnecessary books or waste money.