Gracenote Music Studio - Niagara Piano Lessons
Two young kids playing piano

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What age range do you teach?

My teaching style is suited to ages 6-16. Students under the age of 6 will only be considered for lessons if they can read. Reading ability is a good indicator of readiness for music lessons because it assumes the same process requirements (reading left to right, eye tracking, and attention).


Does teacher choice really matter?

The teacher-student relationship is important. During the trial lesson, I will be able to tell you if I am a good fit for your child’s needs, and your child will give you feedback too! It is very important that whichever teacher you ultimately choose has a good connection with your child. Your child will be more excited about coming to lessons and more likely to do well in the long run. It is worthy of careful consideration.


Describe your studio.

Students learn on a concert quality, shiny black grand piano by Kawai. The environment is quiet and distraction-free.


Do I stay for the lesson?

Parents are welcome to stay for the lesson, but most students prefer to be dropped off. Please do not park in the driveway. There is usually ample curb side available. Please arrive no sooner than a couple of minutes prior to the scheduled lesson time.


Is there anything else I should know?

Since every minute of lesson time is valuable, I suggest going to the washroom at home. Using the washroom can become an avoidance technique for some students, so I only permit its use in exceptional circumstances.