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Two young kids playing piano

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Learning an instrument is a huge challenge for young students. This is because it not only takes perseverance when concepts and motor demands get tough, but because practising requires organization. Part of the parent’s role is checking homework and making sure all homework has been covered. Children are generally not able to structure a practice session on their own, but the guidance I give in their notebook every week will help you to help them!  Sit with them to start them off at the beginning of each practise session, and wander back every few minutes to check on progress. Once they get the hang of it, you will see progress. Sometimes, even children with amazing potential will avoid a challenge, but once they realize how proficient they are becoming, they will change their tune!



Parents' Role

Some tips


• Do not have the TV on or any other distractors


• Set a practise routine (e.g. 30 minutes every day after school and before cookie time)


• Be genuinely interested in what's going on with their lessons. Find out how your child plans     to be ready for the next lesson. Their notebook will contain their weekly tasks.


• Give plenty of encouragement and praise. Express excitement over their progress with family and friends when your child might "overhear" you.