Gracenote Music Studio - Niagara Piano Lessons
Two young kids playing piano

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Our approaches are custom tailored to each individual student. We strive to teach things in a logical order and as systematically as possible, taking advantage of teachable moments along the way.


Typically we begin by teaching the fundamentals of note reading and technique, but also the importance of emotional playing and music appreciation. Many skills are also learned through imitation. Students (and parents) are encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in lessons. We create small attainable goals and frequently give praise. Each week, students learn something new – whether it’s a new passage in an existing song, an entirely new concept, or a new fact.


Students are encouraged to progress as quickly as they can and are provided with various supplemental materials to keep them confident and engaged. As well, there are many opportunities to decide which songs they will learn in order to accommodate their personal preferences.